Mangaung boosts waste water treatment

The Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality’s drive to eradicate VIP and bucket toilets has necessitated the extension of the capacity of the waste water treatment plant at Sterkwater to handle more volumes of waste water for treatment and purification at any point in time.

The facility will now be able to handle a volume of 20 kilolitres of waste water, unlike in the past when it only carried 10 kilolitres.

It was officially opened by executive mayor Thabo Manyoni during a site inspection tour last week.

Having cost Mangaung R33.5-million, with R21.5-million of this spent on civil construction work and the rest on mechanical and electrical equipment, the development will benefit at least 38 000 households in the metro.

“As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, it has become imperative that we revisit our infrastructure so that it is able to accommodate the population here, as well as plan for future developments which will also require water,” Manyoni said.

He said the metro was determined to improve the quality of life of the people of Mangaung and to keep their toilets flushing and their taps running.

Manyoni, however, called on residents not to block the system by using newspapers and other undesirable objects to cleanse themselves following a visit to the bathrooms.

“That would be a major problem that would render the system unable to function the way it is intended to,” he said.

The new facility is fitted with new ponds, a biological reactor, two clarifiers as well as a chlorination tank.

The extension of the facility will continue in the next two financial years to add 20 to 30 more kilolitres of water to the capacity of this facility.

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