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The economic development vision for Mangaung is for the municipality to be a powerful regional economic centre, a world class African city that it is built on the foundation of a dynamic, vibrant, sustainable and investor-friendly economy.

The Mangaung Metro Municipality has instituted a ward-focused planning process for the development of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The top priorities identified by the ward plans are focused on improving incomes and creating jobs.

Several projects have been identified and initiated by the national, provincial government and Motheo District Council for this area. Other projects have been initiated by the private sector. These projects have not been coordinated and are likely to fail. Mangaung wishes to pursue these projects with the view to putting in place a coordinated approach and to encourage income generation and economic development for this area.

Within this context the municipality faces a number of challenges in respect of economic development. These include:

  • Coordinating and building on all the attempts to support economic development in the municipal area. Specifically, the coordination of activities of national government, the Free State Province  as well as the private sector.
  • Addressing the specific economic development priorities identified by communities in the ward planning process, as well as strategically in the IDP.

The establishment of a broad stakeholder based economic development strategy and partnership is seen as a key mechanism for addressing these challenges and facilitating economic development in the area.
The objectives of the Economic Development Strategy are:

  • To establish an understanding of the Mangaung Metro Municipality economic system. This includes economic profiling and an assessment of each economic sector in the local environment.
  • To review the economic development policy environment, in which the study area operates.
  • To identify latent problems, issues and opportunities inherent to the local economy.
  • To promote sustainable development through the identification and formulation of proactive interventional development strategies and to incorporate local needs in these strategies.
  • To identify practical and implementable projects.
  • To provide guidelines for the implementation of strategies and projects.

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Dr. Diane Abrahams
General Manager: Economic Development

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