The Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality has 97 seats. There were 372,692 registered voters in the local municipality for the 2011 local government elections. The highest voter turn-out was achieved in Ward 24 with 70.51 % and Ward 25 with 70.50 %. The lowest voter turn-out in the municipality was in Ward 19 with 39.12 %. The average voter turn-out achieved in the 2011 municipal elections was 54.81 %.

Following the 2011 local government elections, five political parties are represented in the Council.

  • The African National Congress was returned as the majority party with a total of 65 seats, comprising of 38 ward seats and 27 seats allocated from the proportional representation list.
  • The Democratic Alliance holds 26 seats (11 ward and 15 proportional)
  • The Congress of the People holds 3 seats (all allocated from the proportional list),
  • The Freedom Front Plus obtained 2 seats (both proportional)
  • The African People’s Convention 1 seat (also proportional).